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Paris Fashion Week
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Paris Fashion Week: Men's
January 18 - 22, 2017




Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture
January 22 - 26. 2017




Paris Fashion Week | schedule
February 28 – March 8, 2017


(Fall / Winter 2017 Fashion Week)

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DVF Secret Agent and Karlie Kloss Forever


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Now why did we mention "baguette" here?


Yes, they're delicious. And possibly even nutritious (especially those nutty, whole-grain type ones we had last time we were in Saint-Gratien, which is a charming town just north of the city).


We probably should steer clear of cliches, even though the French really do love delicious bread-type things, not to mention delicious cheese of all kinds. Suddenly we miss France a little bit, even though while we're there we're always complaining about the weather and graffiti. Dear Europe: Please ban spray paint. Seriously. You'd look so much better, and all those people tagging things for some reason could save up for computers and get terrific jobs writing articles on websites. Oh wait, that's not so great, either.


Hm, where were we? Ah yes.


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 will be grand. Here's an article about Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, proving we know something about the topic. And the article appears in Women's Wear Daily, so you know it's gots to be good.


Seriously, we saw a bunch of shows at last NY Fashion Week, taking a bunch of cruddy pics with our iPhone, went to bed and the next morning there were printed copies of Women's Wear Daily all over Lincoln Center with much better pictures and articles that actually knew what they were talking about. Now that's service!


I guess that's why they call it a "daily." But still, wows!


Anyway, Paris' collections will begin Feb. 25, 2014, and appear at various locations around the "City of Light" (which is actually pretty gloomy), which means a lot more hoofing around than in New York, but a lot more variety. A couple of seasons ago, Chanel showed at a beautiful garden location. Pierre Cardin showed at a museum; or maybe it was a palace. We forget.


We just remember our editor was there, while we sat updating the site with a cranky cat on our lap.


Ah well. The price of success.





What are the dates of Paris Fashion Week?


Well my friend, Paris is a bit harder than the other "Big 4" to pin down temporally, like some sort of fashionable Dr. Who. (Probably spinning around with Karlie Kloss in the TARDIS.* See below!)


But, thankfully, not MUCH harder.


Being at the end of the month (coming last, after Milan, probably because Paris dropped the ball long ago, figuring since they're the world's fashion capital, they didn't "need" a fashion week), Paris Fashion Week overlaps a bit into two months.


So the dates for Paris Fashion Week begin in late-February and run into March (for the Fall or "Autumn"-Winter collections), and then begin in late September with some dates in early October (for the Spring-Summer collections).


Look up at top for the actual dates for the upcoming season.


France means glorious food like french fries (except they call them "frites" in French, which is the same as "chips" in British English, British having created the original English, unless you count the Angles, the first English, who ironically spoke Germanic ... man, history and culture are confusing.)


What does this, you ask, have to do with Fashion Week Paris dates?


Lots! Because in France, they serve "frites" with mussels, which are dee-licious!


No wait, because Paris is the biggest, brightest and most fashionable of all the fashion weeks, still organized by the French Federation of Fashion, even as a certain German-based car manufacturer does a great job of gobbling up all of the other fashion weeks. (And we meant "gobbling," you know, in the good way. Heh heh.)


MADE Fashion Week is also making in-roads into Paris, which just goes to show that "edgy" trust-fund kids need fashion shows, too! (You can even buy collections of clothes from MADE in retail stores, although we're not sure who's buying it, except they probably have impeccable taste. Can we get an "amen," people? No? Okay, be that way.


And has anyone told them "made" sounds like either "made man," which is cheesy, or something you tell a child when they go to the bathroom? Gross!)


Luckily no one cares what we think. So let the beautiful fashion continue!


And if you're looking for a "date" for Paris Fashion Week, we apologize that we can't help with that, especially if "date" is in quotes, 'cuz that's weird.




*(Here they are again: Karlie Kloss and Dr. Who. This was NOT Photoshopped! Oh right, yes it was. Could you tell??)
(Delicious "French fries" ... oh no, we meant frites ... oh no, we meant chips. Ergh.)


The previous season is behind us now, but here it is for reference and/or nostalgia. (Someone please cue "The Way We Were.")


Tuesday, September 24, 2015


10 AM | Lucien Pellat Finet
11 AM | Moon Young He
12 PM | Christine Phung
1 PM | Pascal Millet
2 PM | Ground-Zero
3 PM | Le Moine Tricote
4 PM | Devastee
5 PM | Cédric Charlier
6 PM | Anthony Vaccarello
7 PM | Aganovich
8 PM | Julien David
9 PM | Jacquemus


Wednesday, September 25, 2015


10 AM | Christophe Lemaire
11 AM | Damir Doma
12 PM | Guy Laroche
1 PM | Nicolas Andreas Taralis
2 PM | Alexis Mabille
3 PM | Dries van Noten
4 PM | Felipe Oliveira Baptista
5 PM | Rochas
6 PM | Gareth Pugh
7 PM | Peachoo + Krejberg
8 PM | Undercover


Thursday, September 26, 2015


9 AM | Balenciaga
11 AM | Carven
12 AM | Manish Arora
1 PM | Ann Demeulemeester
2 PM | Sharon Wauchob
3 PM | Balmain
4 PM | Barbara Bui
5 PM | Nina Ricci
6 PM | Rick Owens
7 PM | Christian Wijnants
8 PM | Lanvin
9 PM | Olympia Le-Tan


Friday, September 27, 2015


10 AM | Roland Mouret
11 AM | Chalayan
12 PM | Issey Miyake
1 PM | Anne Valérie Hash
2:30 PM | Dior
3:30 PM | Isabel Marant
4:30 PM | Sonia Rykiel
5:30 PM | Vanessa Bruno
6:30 PM | Maison Martin Margiela
7:30 PM | A.F.Vandevorst
8:30 PM | Yohji Yamamoto


Saturday, September 28, 2015


9:30 AM | Junya Watanabe
10:30 AM | Haider Ackermann
11:30 AM | Tsumori Chisato
12:30 PM | Martin Grant
1:30 PM | Viktor & Rolf
2:30 PM | Acne Studios
3:30 PM | Veronique Leroy
4:30 PM | Vivienne Westwood
5:30 PM | Comme des Garcons
7 PM | Jean Paul Gaultier
8 PM | Maiyet


Sunday, September 29, 2015


10 AM | Kenzo
11 AM | Andrew Gn
12 PM | Pedro Lourenco
1 PM | Céline
2 PM | Maxime Simoens
3 PM | Maison Rabih Kayrouz
4 PM | Chloé
5 PM | John Galliano
6 PM | Akris
8 PM | Givenchy


Monday, September 30, 2015


9 AM | Collette Dinnigan
10 AM | Stella McCartney
11 AM | Sacai
12 PM | Leonard
1:30 PM | Giambattista Valli
3 PM | Emanuel Ungaro
4 PM | Elie Saab
5 PM | Veronique Branquinho
6 PM | Amaya Arzuaga
7 PM | Jean Paul Lespagnard
8 PM | Saint Laurent


Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2015


9:30 AM | Fátima Lopes
10:30 AM | Chanel
11:30 AM | Agnes B.
12:30 PM | Jean Charles de Castelbajac
1:30 PM | Valentin Yudashkin
2:30 PM | Valentino
3:30 PM | Junko Shimada
4:30 PM | Iris van Herpen
5:30 PM | Shiatzy Chen
6:30 PM | Paul & Joe
7:30 PM | Alexander McQueen


Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2015


10 AM | Louis Vuitton
11 AM | Vionnet
12 PM | Moncler Gamme Rouge
1 PM | Masha Ma
2 PM | Miu Miu
3 PM | Zadig & Voltaire
4:30 PM | Hermès
5:30 PM | Lie Sang Bong
6:30 PM | Gosia BaczyƄska



We're waiting for the details, but here are the dates for Paris Fall-Winter Ready to Wear (i.e. Women's), happening March 1 - 9, 2016.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Thursday, March 3, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Friday, March 4, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Saturday, March 5, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Sunday, March 6, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Monday, March 7, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online


Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Full Calendar at Fashion Week Online



Look for the full schedule to be posted in January 2014.


Watch it live at





Spring summer, winter or fall, all you have to do is call!


The complete Paris Fall 2014 fashion week schedule (Paris Fashion Week February 2014) will soon be posted here.


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We'll have some leads and information for you, as well as information on the latest fashion trends for 2014.



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More to come on this and other worldwide fashion week topics.



The Parisians are cool if you do your best to speak French, which you'll probably suck at due to all the verbs and of course the pronounciation, which sounds like you're choking yet somehow sounds pretty good.


Another thing you can do in Paris is see pigeons in the park eating grain, which is WONDERFUL in Paris, because the birds all chirp in French, although they have a horrible accent, making them the mockery of one another, which is odd because they're all French.


Be sure not to go to Brasserie Lipp in the 6th, because even though the name sounds like it'll be super-delicious, trust us it won't be. When in Paris, we recommend "pain au chocolat," which refers to how painfully expensive it will be, which is really helpful of the Parisians, just to lay it on the line like that.


Anyway, we love the French (see we tread carefully around them because we don't want to get banned), so whilst you are there, go up the Eiffel Tower, take a Seine cruise, and visit the Saint Germain, which is a charming neighborhood on the Left Bank, not a type of labrador retriever.


Finally, be sure to wear a knit ski cap if you want to seem either very rich, or very authentic.


And we weren't kidding about those French lessons, unless you want to get not smiled at, which -- let's face it -- is your destiny there anyway.



Looking to buy tickets to Paris Fashion Week?


Most events are "industry only," which means you'll need a press invitation (time to fire up that blog!). Or become a buyer for a retail chain, boutique, etc.


Still want to attend? All is not lost, depending on where you want to go. Here's some information on how to buy tickets to the various fashion weeks.


Fashion Week Tickets


(And here's some on VR Fashion Week.)