List of Worldwide Fashion Weeks and Events

Here’s a comprehensive calendar of world fashion events.

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When Does Fashion Week Take Place?

Over the years, world fashion weeks have become a global phenomenon. They are an incredible opportunity to see the latest designs from around the globe, as well as important industry players and celebrities. From the chic couture shows of Paris Fashion Week to Miami Swim Week or Milan’s famous Design Week, these larger-than-life extravaganzas require months of hard work, planning and coordination. When completed successfully, these fashion houses attract thousands of international buyers who sample each designer’s latest creations. Events like these allow for innovation and collaboration across different countries, making it possible for both lesser known designers and established brands to interact with potential clients from countries all over world.

International fashion weeks are a thrilling cultural event in the global fashion industry. Every year, top designers from around the world pull out all the stops to bring innovating and exciting collections for audiences to experience. This year’s dates for international fashion weeks span from New York City in early February through Paris in late March with countless cities scattered between like Milan, Copenhagen, London and Tokyo. With such an impressive roster of fashion cities taking part, there’s no doubt that each show will be just as awe-inspiring as the last! Whether you physically attend the shows or view them online it’s certain that you’ll be hit with dazzling displays of style creativity rivaled only by the most dedicated and passionate runway watchers.