Paris Fashion Week Dates

Paris is fantastic. They have, quite possibly, the best fashion week dates. Or croissants. It just depends on what you like.

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When is Paris Fashion Week?

Paris Fashion Week‘s women’s ready-to-wear shows happen twice a year, in February/March and September/October. The men’s and haute couture shows take place in January and June/July.

From glittering catwalks to international supermodels – for fashion enthusiasts, Paris Fashion Week is a mecca of all the newest and most glamorous trends. Set against the backdrop of the oh-so-romantic city of love, this biannual event provides an opportunity not only to marvel at creations from world renowned designers, but it can also be used as a barometer for what’s hot in the fashion industry right now. But when exactly is Paris Fashion Week? We’ll answer all your questions below!

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Paris Fashion Week is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading fashion weeks due to its celebration of artful and daring design. Moreover, its storied history continues to draw some of the greatest fashion lovers from all around the globe. Fashion enthusiasts come to witness the runway debuts of internationally-renowned designers who showcase their collections at iconic venues. Beyond highlighting emerging trends, Paris Fashion Week also highlights how far people are willing to push a creative vision while still maintaining a level of elegance associated with French couture. This atmosphere has made Paris Fashion Week a beloved event, one that never fails to leave attendees inspired by both traditional style and contemporary looks alike.

What really makes Paris Fashion Week stand out is its blend of glamour, sophistication and innovation. The catwalks host top models, celebrities and style icons showcasing the season’s styles – all in an unmistakable setting that captures the spirit of “la ville lumière” (“the city of light”). Making it even special are exclusive backstage events and distinguished cocktail parties only a lucky few have access to – just another example of why Paris Fashion Week remains firmly at the pulse of global fashion trends. Although you can’t buy tickets to Paris Fashion Week, you can buy tickets to runway and fashion shows in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.

Paris is recognized around the world as a fashion capital, and its most prominent fashion icons help to shape and influence global trends. Names like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Karl Lagerfeld stand out for their unique takes on fashion: whether it’s a classic tweed suit and pearls of Coco Chanel or icons like Kate Moss setting off a surge in grunge-inspired styles during the ’90s. Paris fashion icons have not only changed what we wear but have also had an important role in championing diversity – from supermodel Naomi Campbell’s inclusion on iconic French Vogue covers to Valentino’s Egyptian-themed spring ready to wear collection. Paris’ commitment to inclusivity continues today with models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities walking down high-fashion catwalks, adding a modern dynamic to the historic city’s longstanding history as one of the foremost trendsetters in the industry.

Paris Fashion Week is the most anticipated fashion event of the season, and this year promises to be just as exciting. With an array of renowned designers showcasing their latest collections on the runway, it’s easy to see why fashion enthusiasts look forward to this highly regarded event year after year. There are evening dinners with special guests hosted by leading names in the industry, exclusive charity galas, and plenty of trend spotting opportunities throughout the city. These events usually begin at night and end around midday so that attendees can take full advantage of all displays and events planned. As avid fans eagerly await each year’s show schedule, Paris Fashion Week continues to draw huge crowds from around the world!